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How to Use Bundles with Closures to Add length and Volume to Your Hair?

by Elena

Following the hyped trend, you got your hands on the most awaited hair accessory, bundles with closures. Now, what next? You may find it a little tricky to adjust these bundles for a foolproof look. But let us tell you; it’s no rocket science.

You luckily have landed in the right place because this blog post is all closures with bundles. Addressing your fears and concerns, here we will explain how you can add length and volume to your hair using closures with bundles.

But before w get straight to the core topic, let us highlight bundles with closure briefly.

Bundles with Closures – Fun Way to Bring a Quirky Change

Does your thin hairline haunt you? If so, the fashion industry deserves gratitude for having brought forward options that are super good to go. Without undergoing long and stressful treatments, the availability of options such as hair bundles with closures has fixed the problem in finger snaps.

Hair bundles with closures are the advanced kinds of wigs that allow you to cover your scalp according to desired length and volume. 

It is one of the quirkiest ways to add volume and length to your hair. You may have seen other wigs with fixed volume, but hair bundles with closures are way different.

The real deal begins when you have to decide upon the number of required bundles for the correct length and volume.

So, we will further educate you on the right use of these bundles to achieve the desired results.

How to Use Bundles with Closures to Add Volume and Length to your Hair?

Before you practically install these bundles, you must understand the varieties that are offered. These include deep body waves, loose body waves, and many more. Select bundles according to the natural texture of your hair.

Three bundles are generally recommended to protect your head and serve the function. However, for a more voluminous and fuller look, you can install four or even five bundles with closures.

For length, it is better to consider the lengths in inches. Starting from 10 inches and onwards, the closures are available as mini closures to small, medium, and so on.

You can thus relate to your wish and requirement and select the desired length.

Advantages of Using Bundles with Closures

  • Your thin hairline may be a cause of under-confidence and embarrassment for you. These bundles are a great option to overcome such a situation.
  • They make you feel proud, confident, and valued.
  • You can try a variety of hairstyles using these bundles.
  • You can add volume and length to your hair in no time.


As the name indicates, bundles with closures are literally bundles of hair with a base known as closures. These hair wigs are great for adding volume or fullness to the scalp. Particularly popular among people with severe hair fall issues, these can be added to the hair in different numbers depending on the scalp situation or the requirement of the event.

Starting from three, up to five bundles are recommended for a perfect look.

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