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Outdoor LED Provider Selection: 7 Factors

by Elena

Providing pertinent, easily updated information, notifications, and advertising has made outdoor led display signage nearly essential. It would help if you researched before investing in an LED screen for your company. At the very least, your digital signage will have a 10-year lifespan, so it’s essential to put some thought into its design and implementation to get the most out of it and keep costs down.

Resilience Under Harsh Conditions

The performance of your outdoor digital marquee sign may be affected by the heat or cold, precipitation, wind, dust, or humidity, depending on its location. In such a circumstance, the LEDs’ continuous operation and longevity rely heavily on your panel’s design and casing. Removing heat from the LED elements and driving electronics should be your primary environmental concern.

Be There For Them Every Single Time

Is the provider you’re thinking about willing to help you get permits and design the screen? Will they consider everyone’s input and create a workable plan? Can they collaborate with a customer’s project manager or suggest an experienced installer? Our best hopes are that the answers to these questions are yes. Rather than dealing with a vendor, you should look for someone to collaborate with.


If you want your outdoor screen to look fantastic and last as long as possible once it’s been installed, it needs to be serviced and maintained regularly. To ensure long-lasting, high-quality images, check with your provider to see how often calibration is required and how simple it is to perform. Similarly, it would help if you inquired about the screen’s maintenance options.

Proven Past Performance

How long has the company that could be your LED source been operating? How satisfied were previous buyers? In 10 years, will you still be using this vendor? Do they promise to be available for follow-up questions or concerns once the installation is complete? It’s essential to check the provider’s references and referrals. This is especially important for jobs completed five years ago or more.


The brightness of your screen may be a big issue for public safety in the eyes of local and state authorities. An overly glaring sign at night could be dangerous for cars. Make sure your LED display has an auto-dimming feature to adjust the brightness based on the ambient light, such as turning down the brightness as it gets dark. Aside from the actual LED screen itself, the enclosure it is housed in can also reduce the likelihood of a catastrophic failure of the signs.

Cost And Warranty

Choosing the cheapest LED signage solution may seem appealing, but remember that you often get what you pay for. LEDs used by low-cost manufacturers are not of military-grade quality. The designers on their end won’t give much thought to the durability and safety of your signage. Plus, they might need to provide more accurate information about the screen’s capabilities to keep prices down.

Pick A Reliable Integrator

LED manufacturers and the companies that set up the actual displays are often different. Having an architect, consultant, or project manager monitor or execute the installation is a common practice. Is your LED vendor prepared to collaborate with such executives? You can hire an installer to oversee the entire project if you like. Does the LED manufacturer have recommendations for reputable installers?

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