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What to Know Before Buying a Chocolate Tempering Machine?

by Elena

A chocolate tempering machine is of great importance in the culinary world. We use this machine to heat and melt chocolate, so it tempers properly. Chocolate tempering is an essential step in creating many desserts, pastries, and textured chocolate candies. Since it is a tiresome and lengthy process, a chocolate tempering machine is the best alternative to perform the same function in less time.

The process of chocolate tempering gives the chocolate a lovely, refined glossy look and a smooth, flawless texture. If the chocolate does not properly temper, it can land you in a disaster by making it crumbly, dull, and brittle. Most confectioneries require tempered chocolate, so if you are in candy-making business or a hobby confectioner and planning to invest in a chocolate tempering machine, read our blog post to learn about it.

1. Model

There are two basic models of a chocolate tempering machine, a tabletop model and free standing model. Tabletop models are the best options for small businesses and home kitchens because they are small and much more compact. This factor helps avoid space issues.

Free stand models are ideal for industrial setups because they are large, massive, and more specialized. They are the best for tempering big batches of chocolate.

2. Mechanism

Chocolate tempering machines are super handy to use. All these machines have a heating system, which melts the chocolate after putting it in it, and an auto shut-off function. It helps the machine shut down automatically when it senses the melting of chocolate.

3. Workload

You need to evaluate your workload. If you are tempering the chocolate on a large scale but have decided to do it in intervals, a tabletop machine could do that for you.

If you prefer to temper the whole batch once, it is better to get the free stand machine. This machine has a large capacity and can wonderfully maximize your efficiency in less time.

4. Heating Systems

This system is an integral part of the chocolate tempering machine. It’s better to call it the backbone since the heating system is responsible for melting the chocolate. Many devices are available with different heating systems.

Before you purchase a chocolate tempering machine, thoroughly study the multiple heating systems in some models.

5. Automatic shut off

This fantastic feature is the perfect lifesaver. It helps the machine automatically trips once the chocolate is melted correctly. Thus it saves the chocolate from burning. Sometimes, people get busy with other important stuff and forget the chocolate. This option of automatic shutdown saves our chocolate.

6. Additional features

The additional feature of a built-in whisk is a bonus. It is pretty laborious to stand behind the machine for hours. This machine can help you get rid of this hard work. Some models are available with temperature probes that monitor the temperature rise.

Final Word

Chocolate tempering machines are the wonder machines that have made it easier for us to temper chocolate in less time with more productivity. Select a model according to your needs. Before the purchase, thoroughly read the manual to understand the machine’s working fully. These machines have the additional features of a self-stirring whisk and temperature probes. Consider all these points and get the best to make the best.

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